Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thomas Jones: "This is my offense."

I can't believe you did this to me. You read my news. Actually, Jones' angst seems to be directed towards the team, not Cedric Benson, who temporarily usurped Jones' spot as the starting running back. Nevertheless, for a guy who doesn't want to talk about the RB controversy, Jones had a lot to say to Mike Mulligan today in the Sun-Times. Some of the highlights:

-- "You lose your job by performance. You don't lose your job by not showing up for the offseason program."

-- "My mind-set is that I am a starting NFL running back, whether I am on the Chicago Bears or any other team. I know the offense. I know the game. I am experienced. I am smart on the field and off the field. I work really hard in the offseason. I work really hard during the season trying to take care of my body. I am a starter in the NFL. My numbers say that."

-- "In my eyes, I am no different than Olin Kreutz or Brian Urlacher or Wale Ogunleye. I mean that much to this team. I am one of the core players here, and I feel I have proven that over the last two years."

-- "You don't lose your job because you didn't show up for a voluntary program. I say that over and over because it just baffles me sometimes that people don't understand that. You don't lose your job because you don't show up to an offseason program, especially after the good production."

-- "It's sort of a messed-up league because one minute you sign a contract, yeah, but you are outplaying the contract. You are playing like one of the top guys in the league, but you are not getting paid for what you are doing. It's frustrating for the player, but at the same time, a guy will play really good and he'll deserve a roster bonus in his contract, but they will cut him because they won't play him."

-- "And then game in and game out, you are the only guy really making plays. The next year they bring another guy in as if you are not the answer, and you were really the only bright spot that whole season."

-- "I feel like this is my group. I'm the oldest running back here."

-- "It's ridiculous. I feel like there is no question who the starter is, who the guy is. Everyone knows. It shouldn't be an issue. I am the starting running back. I look at it like this is my offense. [He laughs.] I mean, this is my offense.

So, Jones said quite a mouthful for someone who wasn't going to say anything. I actually don't care who the starting RB is, as long as the coaches pick the guy who they think gives the team the best chance to win. Nothing else should factor in.


Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

The self-aggrandizing aside, Jones is right about the misrepresentation of "voluntary" off-sesaon work outs. It shouldn't even be a question. Athletes are smart enought to keep in shape in the off-season now-a-days. And mandatory voluntary workouts (yeah, that's an oxymoron) shouldn't determine starter status; I thought that was determined in training camp.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Criminal Appeal said...

The real question is why we care so much who the starter is at the beginning of August. I care who's getting the most carries when the games count. But, of course, we're all so starved for football by August that we'll lap up any drivel they feed us just for a taste.

11:42 AM  
Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

Well, I don't, but obviously Thomas Jones does, or he wouldn't have opened his mouth.

We wouldn't be talking about it if he kept his yap shut.

6:27 PM  

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