Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You may run like Hayes, but you hit like shit.

Has the time come to bench Scott Podsednik? He was hitting just .206 (13-for-63) with an abysmal .484 OPS in his last 18 games through Monday. For the season, his VORP, or Value Over Replacement Player, is negative. In other words, his performance this year is worse than you'd expect from the average guy available on the waiver wire -- the infamous AAAA player. The fact is, he's hurting the team at this point. Pablo Ozuna meanwhile has a .375 on-base percentage, and Rob Mackowiak has a .374 on-base percentage. I don't think Fields, Sweeney or Owens should get their first taste of big league ball as a full time starter in the heat of a pennant race, but the Sox appear to have two legit alternatives to Podsednik on the major league roster. Conveniently, Ozuna bats right handed and Mackowiak bats left handed. I legitimately think the time has come for an Ozuna/Mackowiak platoon in LF. Besides, that way I can start referring to the White Sox left fielder as Roblo Mackozuna, and that's just fun.


Anonymous Hideki Matt Suey said...

Agreed on all counts. Pods is getting sentimental at bats because he had a good three months in the first-half last year, and was a fan-favorite sparkplug. But he's been a downer ever since, and keeping a crusty vet in left when there are capable back-ups in the wings is just so...Dusty Bakerish. Ozzie should know better.

Most annoying thing about Pods: chicks totally dig him. If they are true Sox fans, shouldn't they dig the GOOD players? Like the classically winsome Jose Contreras?

12:59 PM  
Blogger Criminal Appeal said...

I'm not sure if this is better or worse, but my wife has no interest in Pods, and instead has a crush on Freddy Garcia.

1:39 PM  

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