Saturday, August 12, 2006

Playing the Feud?

Is there, or is there not, a feud brewing between Ozzie and his shortstop, Juan Uribe? Everyone says no, but Ozzie spent five minutes Friday going over a barely coherent (that may be redundant in Ozzie's case) spiel about how Uribe might have told the trainers he's ready to play, but he hasn't told the boss (that would be Ozzie), and if he wants to play he better tell the boss. Uribe for his part says he's not yet ready, but will be soon, and when he is, he'll definitely let Ozzie know. QUITE FRANKLY (sorry, I'll stop yelling -- I channeled SAS for a minute there), I can't figure out what the hell anyone is saying in this mess. But I do know this: the Sox are in a pennant race. If Uribe is ready to go, and gives the team the best chance of winning, then he needs to be on the field. There's no time right now for Ozzie to stroke his own ego. The time for that was last weekend.


Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

I wonder if that back isn't still hurting Juan Uribe. He looked rather, umm, shall I say, rusty and a bit over-anxious.
Of course he may just be trying too hard cuz he wants to win badly.
That second double-play on Saturday was a thing of pure comedic joy.
And he shoulda got out of BA's way yesterday on that fly ball in the 9th.
A fued? I don't see it yet.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Criminal Appeal said...

It looks like the feud, if one ever existed, is over. But I agree, Uribe looked rusty. The slow turn with Iguchi cost Buehrle 3 runs on Saturday, and the collision with Anderson would have given me an ulcer if we didn't have a cushion at the time.

10:43 AM  

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