Saturday, August 12, 2006

Well That Sucked

Rex Grossman leading an actual NFL caliber offense? Uh, not so much. Mark Bradley, or anyone, stepping up as the #2 WR? Uh, not so much that either. The only thing I was hoping to see that I actually saw was Griese commanding the offense. If Grossman can't translate practice field success to the real thing, then Griese can be a better-than-caretaker alternative. I'm not saying the time to make a switch is anywhere near at hand after one bad quarter of pre-season football, but it's good to know Griese is there if the Bears need him. I'm also not that worried about the D's lackluster performance. We know what that unit is capable of. My only real concern on that front is that Vasher's injury not be the kind of thing that lingers. Like I've said before, pre-season football's importance is overrated. And at least this way we'll have lots of things to watch for in the Bears' next game.


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