Thursday, August 10, 2006

That is pure poppycock!

Hawk was channeling White Goodman last night as he expressed his frustration with the strikezone as applied to Garland's showdowns with Derek Jeter and Bobby Abreu. It bugs me that the team, and its announcers, are so worried about the umps right now. You still have to make the pitches. Last night Garland didn't, and the Yanks will be patient and make you pay. Still, we had Thome up with the winning run on in the ninth. So, could have, would have, should have.
Meanwhile, I was also distressed to hear Sox fans this morning on AM 1000 saying that they were rooting for Johnson to no-hit the Sox. A) This team's offense is such that it can always come back and win (You play . . . to win . . . the game!). B) Their reasoning seemed to be that they were angry at the team for the way it's playing. That is also pure poppycock. The team is playing as hard as it can, if not as well as it can. And no matter how they're playing, if you're a fan you root for them. I don't like Podsednik as a ball player, but I still root for him to get on base and make something happen.
That said, it seems Ozzie does still like Podsednik as a ballplayer. He just wishes he'd get on base more often. It's a new concept. Pods should try it.
Put it all behind you though, because tonight's game is huge, both for Vazquez individually and for the Sox as a team. Here's to hoping Ozzie has McCarthy ready and waiting in the sixth. Just in case.


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