Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

It's hard to complain about taking two out of three on the road from a good team like the Blue Jays, but still, when we beat Halladay, I thought we might get the sweep. I left town for Washington DC with the Sox trailing 3-0 on Friday evening. I returned as the Jays wrapped up their won win. I'm afraid I may need to leave town if we're going to win again this year. A couple of observations from the weekend series: apparently execution is overrated when you have two guys like Thome and Konerko getting on base and hitting for power in the middle of the lineup. Dye certainly contributed on that front as well. Also, and really I'm burying my lead here, Don Cooper may be the magic man. Staying tall and closed apparently was enough for Javier Vazquez to transform into Cy Young. If he can become a consistent force in the rotation, that could be all the difference in what figures to be a very tight wild card race.


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