Friday, August 04, 2006

Need Any Help? Oh, All I Can Get.

The Bears have spent the last six years desperately trying to fill their need at wide receiver. They spent 13 draft picks between 1999 and 2005 on wideouts, and this summer we're all hoping one of them finally works out. It started in 1999 with D'Wayne Bates who is out of football. The rest of the list isn't much better: Marty Booker, Sulecio Sanford (who?), Dez White, Eddie Kennison (traded pick for him), David Terrell, John Capel, Jamin Elliott, Bobby Wade, Justin Gage, Bernard Berrian, Mark Bradley, and Airese Currie. The good news is that Berrian was back practicing yesterday, showing no signs of the injury he suffered when a pass unexpectedly hit him in the hands on Wednesday.


Anonymous SteveFuller4eva said...

Is there any explanation for why, for my entire Chicago life (22 years and running), creating a real Bears passing game seems slightly harder that building a time machine or creating a hydrogen economy? I find myself watching other teams actually THROWING AND CATCHING THE FOOTBALL, and wondering why this seemingly simple act has completely baffled this team for decades. Yes, defense and running are very blue and orange, and I'm all for that. But the air is cool, too - maybe we'll see a little under the football this year before Rex breaks his clavicle and comes down with leprosy.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Criminal Appeal said...

It's so bad that I remember getting really excited a couple of years ago when Chad Hutchinson came in and had what passed for a good game in his first start. Only a Bears fan could fall for the old Chad Hutchinson is an NFL quarterback gag.

5:15 PM  

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