Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ryan Sweeney

Kevin Goldstein on Baseball Prospectus ranked Ryan Sweeney as the #11 corner outfield prospect in all of baseball. Goldstein is high on Sweeney's ability to get on base as a 21 year old playing in triple-A. That's a pretty aggressive assignment for a guy that young. But Goldstein wonders whether Sweeney will ever develop the power at which his long build hints. Sweeney has yet reach double digit home runs in a season. And, we're all full-up on corner outfielders who don't produce runs, thank you very much. (Yeah, I'm looking at you Mr. Podsednik). Goldstein concludes, "There's still time and projection in him, but expectations have been lowered somewhat." Well I say, he can't do that do that to our pledges. Only we can do that to our pledges.


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