Thursday, August 03, 2006

But They Still Have Elton Brand

Sam Smith today described Team USA as "a good preseason viewer's guide for the 2006-07 Bulls." Now I'm as excited as anyone for the upcoming Bulls season, but Sam, Team USA still has Elton Brand. Over the years the Bulls managed to turn Elton Brand into P.J. Brown. Not the same thing. Smith's point is that Team USA plans to play intense, scrappy defense this time around, and the Bulls plan to do the same thing this season. But in Team USA's case they plan to combine scrappy defense with an assortment of offensive weapons. In the Bulls case they plan to use scrappy defense to cover for a complete lack of offensive weapons. I have high hopes for this team, but I really don't think a team with multiple players who can pose a threat in the post will provide much insight into the Ben Wallace era here in Chicago. So, let's keep our expectations realistic.


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