Thursday, August 03, 2006

No Thome + No Konerko = No Win

Last night's game was most notable for the strange apocalyptic weather that moved through Kansas City. Freddy Garcia made a couple of bad pitches to a hot young hitter, and the Sox played without two of their three most important players. Word is that both Thome and Konerko will be back on Friday, and let's hope that they are. For all the talk about execution, this team's offense has thrived this season because guys get on base and hit for power. The Sox lead baseball in runs scored, are 6th in on-base percentage, and 2nd in slugging percentage. Thome and Konerko are 1st and 3rd on the team respectively in on-base plus slugging. They, along with Dye, will determine this team's fate during the next two months. Oh, and Juan, USE TWO HANDS!!!


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