Thursday, August 03, 2006

Winning Ugly

The White Sox uni's from 1982-1986 are among three finalists for the ugliest baseball uniform ever over at ESPN's Page 2. Also, coming under fire in the article: the Sox uni's from the late 70's with the wide collar, and the number on the leg design from the late 80's. Apparently, the Yanks may have more World Series trophies, but the Sox have a two decade dynasty in the ugly. Well, maybe the Padres could have given the Sox a run for their money in the 70's. I have love for all of the Sox uni's that are under attack. I own a Fisk jersey with a big floppy collar, and the 1983 Sox were my first baseball love. But let's be honest here, the White Sox definitely wore pajamas for 10 years in the late 70's and early 80's . And I, for one, love them for it.


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