Friday, August 04, 2006

The All-Powerful Oz

Joe Crede has come a long way. Until September of last year, Sox fans booed him routinely, and if you asked them what position was most in need of an upgrade, they would all have answered: third base. Remember, everyone wanted to replace this guy with Aubrey Huff last year. Well, no more. Starting down the stretch last year, and really hitting stride in the post-season, Crede has been on a roll. And he hasn't slowed down this year. He's posting the highest on base and slugging percentages of his career. Combine that with his gold glove caliber defense, and he's a big part of the Sox success this season. Well, according to Ozzie, it's all because of Ozzie: ''Joe Crede has had the season he's had because Ozzie Guillen is the manager,'' Guillen said. Um, how is that exactly? I guess Crede only pawn in game of life. We all know what a great manager Ozzie is, and if you don't, ask Ozzie . . . or Hawk. Actually, this raises a real dilemma for Hawk. He has massive man love for each of Joe Crede and Ozzie, so who would he credit for Crede's success?


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