Monday, August 14, 2006

Huh? Just, huh?

Asked about what the Sox have to do to make the play-offs Ozzie Guillen responded:
''If you continue to win series, you will be in the playoffs,'' Guillen said Sunday. ''You would have to be in the playoffs. We have 46 games left, and if we play .500 the rest of the way, we would win 90-something games. If we can't get in the playoffs with 95 wins, just call my helicopter and I'll go home.'' Generally speaking, I think he's right. If the Sox win their remaining series, then they should make the play-offs. But .500 the rest of the way would give the Sox 93 wins, not 95, and QUITE FRANKLY (stupid Stephen A. Smith making me yell), that could be the difference between getting in and not. So, winning series will get the job done, but .500 probably won't. Far more importantly: helicopter?!? What freakin' helicopter? And where is he flying to in it? Venezuela? That seems like a long trip. Even when Ozzie makes sense he sounds crazy.


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