Monday, August 14, 2006

Sweep, sweep, sw...

You get the idea. The chants were flying free on Sunday afternoon at Southside Park. Detroit Sucks! Let's Go White Sox (insert rhythmic clapping)! And, of course: Sweep, sweep, sweep . . . It did feel good to finish off the three game sweep of the Tigers. I particularly enjoyed Sunday's game, which presented the chance to see Jenks close it out without the acid build-up of a close game. I know it's exactly the kind of usage that causes fits for performance analysts, but from a fan's perspective, it was nice to see the big man work, without worrying that the Sox were about to blow it. Meanwhile, solid outings Saturday and Sunday from Buehrle and Garcia. Buehrle seemed to have good stuff, but never really settled in. Garcia seemed to have nothing, but settled in nicely. The results worked out both ways. I almost cost the White Sox the game Saturday. I explained to my wife that Sean Casey is one of the most overrated players in baseball, just before he launched a home run about one section to the right of my seats. Of course, I also warned Red that Casey would do that immediately after I called him crap. Fortunately, I can never be right when speaking to my wife, and my other proclamation was that the team that hits the most homeruns in a game almost always wins. So, of course, the White Sox won Saturday without going yard. I'm not complaining. Meanwhile, the Tigers and Red Sox get to beat each other up now, so that's solid. Let's just hope we don't choke it out against the Royals.


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