Monday, August 14, 2006

Bear Down

I thought no one stepped up in the battle for the #2 wide out spot last Friday. But I may have overlooked the obvious. Rashied Davis, who was obviously the Bears' best offensive weapon against the 49ers, may have done enough to inject himself into the picture. WR seems to be mostly about athleticism and attitude, and Davis has each in spades, so maybe he can overcome his relative lack of experience at the position. Still, with all these high draft picks wandering around Bourbonnais, it's hardly what the Bears' brass predicted. They also didn't predict that the RB situation would turn into such a headache. Maybe it's not so crazy that the Bears solve both problems at once by dealing Thomas Jones for help at receiver. Not likely in the NFL, where trades go to die, but also not crazy.

Boy, that escalated quickly... I mean, that really got out of hand fast. It jumped up a notch. It did, didn't it? Rick Morrissey says the Bears have a QB controversy on their hands. Of course, he also says that right now, if someone did a poll, most Bears fans would pick Griese over Grossman. His own paper did do a poll, and Grossman got 33 percent of the vote to Griese's 24 percent. Morrissey's questionable fact checking aside, he's probably right that there is a controversy brewing, especially after each QB's performance against the 49ers. Still, I'd rather let Grossman start the season at the helm. He might combust, but he also gives the Bears their best shot at the Super Bowl. Griese can probably lead this team to the play-offs, but no further. Besides, the NFC North stinks, so even if Grossman starts slow, Griese can take over and lead the team to the play-offs. So, no controversy, just the best depth at the position that the Bears have had in years.


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