Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's a "Jump to Conclusions mat".

It's a disease. After 30 years of Sox fandom, I expect failure. I was so sure that the Sox would piss away their weekend momentum, that for 20 minutes after I turned on the game last night, I thought the Royals were up 9-0. Obviously, that was not the case. Let's just keep taking care of business.
Some disturbing news: Jim Thome's wrist is bothering him, but he's playing through the pain. He swears it's getting better even as he keeps swinging the bat. I just hope that's still the case a month from now.
Looking way ahead: The Sox are going to try to sort out some of their logjam of prospects on the corner OF spots. Jerry Owens, Ryan Sweeney and Josh Fields all appear to be corner OF at the major league level. There should soon be room for at least one of them with the Sox. The Sox would be better served moving Podsednik to make room for Fields, by far the best prospect of the three. Sweeney has some potential too, especially as he begins to show the first glimmer of power. Eventually Dye will fade, as sluggers do in their mid 30's and Sweeney may be ready for that gig by then. As for Owens, I think he's nothing better than an extra OF. Some speed, some D, not much of a bat. So, if they can get another team to bite on his athleticism, and give up some real value in return, I'd grab it in a heartbeat.


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