Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jay Mariotti, First Rate Tool

Ok, the fact that Jay Mariotti is a first-rate tool isn't news. And, I'm aware each time his blathering annoys me that I have no one to blame but myself. Afterall, why do I read his crap? As Mariotti himself has pointed out, all the hating on Mariotti just serves to increase his fame. The truth is, I agree with Mariotti that the Chicago sports media is essentially too chummy with the franchises and athletes it covers: too slow to criticize, too willing to accept lame excuses for failure. Mariotti would probably be attacked for failing to join the ladies' auxiliary (comprised of the rest of the local media) to the Chicago Sports Club whether or not he was any good as a journalist or columnist. I'd love to root for an outsider like Mariotti for the same reasons I do root for Tony Kornheiser to remake sports media is his own image.

But Mariotti is a tool, and he makes it impossible to like him. Here's today's affront to our intelligence: "This won't be found in any Elias Sports Bureau statistical package, but on June 20, the night Ozzie Guillen called me 'a [bleeping] fag,' the Sox were 45-25. Since then, they area a sloppy 39-41." WHAT?!? Did he really just blame the White Sox' struggles on his own "feud" with Ozzie Guillen? Guillen is an idiot sometimes, and his use of a homophobic slur is inexcusable, but it has NOTHING to do with why the Sox will finish third in the AL Central this year. In fact, no one other than Mariotti is still talking about it. But Mariotti's ego is so inflated that he gazes at a fairly clear picture -- the Sox' pitching let them down this season -- and somehow sees his own reflection. Like I said, Jay Mariotti is a first-rate tool.

By the way, while we're talking about one nexus at which the Chicago Sun-Times and Deadspin predictably meet, here's a more surprising conjunction: the Sun-Times actually covered Kyle Orton's induction into the Deadspin Hall-of-Fame. Orton was inducted for the fun he facilitated by being repeatedly photographed with bottles of Jack and random women. Orton himself has also taken the exploitation of his exploits in good humor.


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Blogger Fornelli said...

Our brilliance knows no bounds.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, Mariotti is more than just a tool. He's a toolbox. He's the whole box of tools, baby.

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