Friday, September 15, 2006

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

With the White Sox taking last night off from their pursuit of the Detroit Tigers, we turn our attention to the Bears today. Hooray Bears! Anyway, who should be coming to town this week but that other rival from the D, the Detroit Lions. One might presume this is another fairly soft divisional match-up, especially as the Bears open their home slate at the Space Ship formerly known as Soldier Field.

Indeed, the Lions managed only a measly 6 points last week, and the Bears put up the 6th best defensive performance of Week 1 according to Football Outsiders. The Bears also put up the 8th best offensive performance and the top special teams performance last week. So, the Bears played well last week -- only Baltimore played better. In fact, Seattle, who beat the Lions 9-6 last week, is the only team in the NFC I would rank ahead of the Bears overall. And the Lions played poorly last week. Their offense was obviously inferior, and despite blocking a couple of field goal attempts, FO figures the Lions had the third worst week on special teams in the entire league. Nor are the Lions likely any better a football team than they showed against the Seahawks.

So, why should we watch this game -- I mean other than to potentially see the Bears wipe out another traditional, divisional rival? Well, the Lions D played ok last week. They weren't as good as 9 points allowed suggests, but they were above average. Leading the way is the Lions' D-line, which recorded five sacks against a solid Seahawks O-line. Yes, this is the group led by Joe Cullen, who was busted for Driving While Nude a while back. He also apparently ordered Wendy's while nude, and for all we know, he coaches while nude. Whatever he's doing, it seems to work. It also helps that he has Shaun Rogers, who one Seahawk compared to Shaq for his dominance last week. So, Cullen's unit, uh, I mean D-line of course, should pose a legitimate challenge to the Bears' veteran, and somewhat hyped, O-line.

The truth is that while the Bears should win, this will probably be a pretty low scoring game, and unless the Bears' D or special teams put points on the board, which is a real possibility, this game will be a lot less comfortable than last week's outing.


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