Friday, June 29, 2007

Reports of the Fan Club's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The other day a buddy of mine observed that all his favorite blogs seem to die. Well, the Fan Club is not dead. I've just been really, really busy. Oh, and I'm out the country for a couple weeks starting tomorrow, so this is a one-off post until I get back and back on track for real in mid-July. But the Bulls' draft deserves a mention. . . Wait, what do you mean he wasn't talking about the Fan Club when he said "favorite blogs?"

I hate the Joakim Noah pick. I really dislike the guy. The goofy suit at the draft, the overacting after every halfway decent play, the fake thug routine in his post-game interview after Florida's second NCAA title, the HAIR -- it all annoys the shit out of me. I like quirky athletes. This guy is not quirky, he's desperate for attention and doesn't trust his performance on the court to earn that attention. And, not to knock a guy for staying in school, but he's old for a modern rookie. Other guys will have years of experience under their belts by the time they're Noah's current age. I hope we trade him. Besides, for the moment he may be duplicative of Ben Wallace on this team.

Having said all that, it's too bad he acts like a schmuck because there would be a lot to like about this pick. First, I'm not sure the Bulls need a post scorer. Luc Longley never scared anyone on the block. Second, I'm not sure Luol Deng or Tyrus Thomas can't become that post scorer. The Bulls can get easy baskets by posting up Deng and by getting transition buckets. They already play at a high pace. Noah blocks shots, rebounds, is a great outlet passer, and runs the court. He could flourish with the Bulls and really improve the team's already potent fast break attack. If this were Roy Hibbert I'd probably be exstatic. And, there are some really good signs for Noah's potential too. All those blocks and steals in college show that Noah is athletic enough and quick enough to really make it in the NBA. Maybe his play will win me over.


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