Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oy Vey

I'm too busy at work to really write today. However, I don't want anyone to accuse me of going away and hiding following the Bulls' lost weekend in Detroit. I argued loud and long that the Bulls were simply a better team than Miami. And I've insisted that the Bulls are about as good as Detroit, so we should expect a long series. Um, about that last part . . .

Actually, I still maintain that the Bulls were about as good as Detroit during the regular season. After all, they had a better scoring margin than the Pistons. And I still expect this to be a six or seven game series. Actually, I'm not sure how much you can learn from a couple of 25 point blowouts. I mean, I don't think the Pistons are really 20 points better than the Bulls.

Nevertheless, at this point the Pistons are more likely to sweep or win in five than the Bulls are to come back and win the series. So, work beckons, but for anyone who needs it, here's an opportunity to rub the last three days in a Bulls' fan's face.


Anonymous Hideki Matt Suey said...

To top it off, a Detroit paper says that the reffing last night was unfair...in favor of the Bulls.

And, this just in: I'm not sure if I heard this correctly, because Doug Collins only muttered it once and NOT ONE OTHER TIME, but apparently people say 'Sheed has never been this focused.

3:02 PM  

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