Monday, February 26, 2007

Skiles Irks Me

"Tough Loss Irks Skiles," proclaimed the Sun-Times headline. It's hard to get too irked about anything when the Bulls have beaten the Wizards and Cavs, and played the Pistons even in Detroit in recent days. But this headline irked me.

Skiles was indeed irked after Sunday's loss to the Pistons, in which the Bulls blew a 16 point second half lead. "To cough the game up in the third quarter with some of the plays that we're making, there's no excuse for that at this level," said the coach. "We can't keep saying we have young players and all that. At some point, we have to develop some poise. It's costing us too many games, and it cost us tonight."

Um, Scott, the lineup you had in for the key stretch of the third quarter: there's no excuse for that at this level. The Bulls blew their lead over the last four minutes of the third quarter. This is a traditional time to rest starters for the 4th quarter. And the Bulls had some foul difficulties. But Skiles road a line up of Ben Wallace, Tyrus Thomas, Luol Deng, Adrian Griffin and Chris Duhon for much of that time, as the Bulls were outscored by 11 points in less than four minutes. How exactly did he think that fivesome was going to compete? Deng is a nice option, but not a guy who can carry the offense. No one else in that group does anything offensively. And it showed. Alleged veteran leader Adrian Griffin dribbled hopeless into traffic before turning the ball over on more than one occasion.

The loss of Andres Nocioni makes Scott Skiles's job a LOT harder. Without him, Skiles needs to learn to make better use of his players. At the very least, when he's going to berate his players for losing the game, he should look in the mirror and ask himself whether he put them in a position to win.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

skiles has coached to the extent of his abilities.

he needs to become a better coach or the bulls need to get a better coach, if they're going to get to the next level.

they have the players.

now they need the coach(ing staff) to go with them.

6:24 PM  

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