Monday, December 04, 2006

Rex Grossman -- Freakin' Exhausting

As much as I'd like to believe Rex Grossman can play his way out of this funk, and as much as I doubt Brian Griese is the answer, Griese can't be worse than Grossman has been. And as much as I've supported Grossman, and argued that he should remain the Chicago Bears' starting quarterback, I'm too exhausted to keep it up. Watching him play QB the last couple of weeks has just worn me down. This past Sunday against Minnesota was the proverbial straw breaking my back, and I'm too tired to even really know what this means for the Bears this season.

The problem, of course, is that Griese isn't very good. If the Bears go to Griese they'll know what they're going to get at QB. That would consist of a lot of short completions, a shortage of touchdowns, and more turnovers than most people realize. Still, that's a heck of a lot better than Rex. With this defense, the emerging running game, and the most dangerous special teams around, that's probably enough to win a play-off game, maybe even two. But I doubt it's enough to win a Super Bowl.

On the other hand, Good Rex adds the extra element the Bears will need to beat the best in the AFC. Bad Rex probably means one and done in the post-season. So, what to do? Do you play Rex, hope he gets his act together, and compete for the shiny football? Or do you play Griese, avoid potential embarrassment in the play offs, but pretty much kiss championship dreams goodbye? Like I said, I'm so tired of watching Bad Rex, that I'm too exhausted to make up my mind.

Regardless of who plays quarterback the rest of the way, someone needs to figure out who replaced Ron Turner with a 13 year old kid and his Madden '06. Early in the season the Bears had success spreading the ball around to a mix of wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs. Now the passing game consists of an inordinate number of bombs, Desmond Clark is targeted about once a week, and the fullback might as well not be on the field. These short passes help a quarterback establish rhythm and confidence, which helps ensure that when he does go deep, he doesn't over or under throw his target by ten yards. Also, the Bears do a nice job running on third and short. They don't do a nice job passing in those situations. I throw things at my TV when the Bears have third and three or less and don't run the ball. Please, Ron, don't make me break my TV.

The passing game is out of synch in every way. Grossman sucks, the receivers get no separation, the line still struggles with complex rush schemes, the tight end and running backs have vanished, and the offensive coordinator has lost the plot. I suppose it's pointless to speculate about Griese because the coaches have made it clear that Grossman will start at least one more game. Honestly, I hope Rex looks great, and the Bears enter the play-offs with an offense that compliments their defense and special teams. But another week like this one from Rex, and I'll be begging for Griese just so I don't inflict harm on myself while watching the Bears suffer another home play-off loss.


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I've Met Ron Karkovice as I am friends of his family. Let me tell you this guy is totally full of himself. I wouldn't even give him the time of day, nonetheless a website about him. I can think of soooo many others worthy of a website. Oh and he is butt ugly to boot.

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