Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's the Bears, Stupid.

I'm home sick today, but that's not going to stop me from posting. I'm a tough guy like that. I'm just going to play with pain. Anyway, Sunday morning I was watching the ESPN pre-game show and Mike Ditka got in an argument with Michael Irvin (this is like God arguing with a gopher) about the best team in the NFC. Ditka was taking the Bears (no surprise) and Irvin was taking the Cowboys (even less of a surprise). I think the debate has been settled.

The Chicago Bears defense dominated the Buffalo Bills. JP Losman came into the game with a 90.6 passer rating. His rating against the Bears: 35.8. He threw three picks after throwing one all season coming into the game. Meanwhile, the special teams were recovering turnovers, and, oh yeah, the offense put up 40.

Rex Grossman, who has been playing like an all-pro, had a quiet day. He didn't have a bad day, he just wasn't asked to do much. His 15 for 27, 182 yards, and 2 touchdowns made him the league's 12th most productive quarterback on the day. Thomas Jones continued to rev up to last year's high standards with his first 100 yard rushing day of the season. Cedric Benson contributed nearly 50 more yards and his first two NFL touchdowns. And, the special teams and defense kept giving the offense a short field. Two plays stand out. The fake punt on 4th and 6 was an act of desperation early in the game, and the Bears' excellent special teams were more than up to the task of jumping on an easy opportunity. And, Losman's interception to Lance Briggs was the kind of throw a man makes when a defense has drilled itself into his head. Who was he even throwing to?

Obviously, things change over the course of a season, but right now there is no one in the NFL who could stand up against the Bears' defense. Sorry, Playmaker, the Bears are the only possible answer at the moment. Tomorrow, maybe I'll explain to you why the Cowboys aren't even in the discussion for number two.


Blogger Mr.Man said...

Any post that calls Michael Irvin "Stupid" in large type deserves applause.
How about some hard hitting commentary on the behavior of the typical Bear fan, however? I was at a bar on Sunday, and people were freaking out and shouting (when the Bills were on offense) when the score was 33-0. Get a grip.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Typical Bear Fan said...

Hey, I've been meaning to apologize about that. I guess I drank too much, but that's no excuse. It probably stems from a larger problem that will find its way to the surface in due time, but until then I'll deal with it by drinking and acting out.

Probably not a good idea to watch games in a bar if you don't want to deal with drunks. Just a thought.

11:43 PM  

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